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10 Reasons to choose the Canterbury English TEFL program

  1. Guaranteed job with Canterbury English during the school year in Madrid.
  2. Ensured summer job opportunities working with summer camps throughout Spain.
  3. Canterbury English boasts 40 paid hours of practice teaching; the most offered by any TEFL program.
  4. Participants engage in 20 hours of practice teaching with children and 20 practice hours of teaching business oriented TEFL.Group TEFL
  5. Receive a DVD copy of the final oral teaching presentation and gain a competitive edge in the ESL job market
  6. Excellent job references and valuable contacts for future employment in Spain and throughout the world.
  7. Become a part of a family atmosphere and a member of the Canterbury Club, which offers two social events each month.
  8. Take advantage of a 30% discount on a one month intensive Spanish course.
  9. Enjoy free internet and photocopying service
  10. Benefit from the intimacy of small classes, the compassion of well-rounded trainers and the comparatively low cost of Canterbury TEFL while earning an internationally reputable certificate.  

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